hans kline
After graduating from the University of Virginia Architecture School, Hans initially worked primarily as a commercial architect. However, over time, he discovered that his true passion lies not in the creation of a building itself, but in crafting the experiences within those exterior walls. Transforming spaces into carefully designed interiors, Hans believes in enhancing a client's journey, creating environments that offer comfort, uniqueness, and inspiration. Whether it's a cozy home filled with curated furnishings reflecting a client's personality, a stylish hotel providing an escape from the world, or a sophisticated lounge where the physical space is meticulously created to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere for friendly gatherings.

Recently, his work has focused on hospilatity design, a specialized field of design that focuses on creating environments that cater to the needs and experiences of guests within the hospitality industry. This industry includes businesses such as hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships, spas, and other establishments where people stay, dine, or seek entertainment and relaxation. 

Hans's clients have been loyal for over 25 years by repeatedly selecting his  him as their design partner, confidante and artistic visionary to bring their ideas to a physical reality. 

On the weekends, Hans is playing tennis in the summer and in the winter he represents the PSIA  (Professional Ski Instructor's Association) as a ski coach at local Virginia ski resorts.

His golden retriever,  SugarBear, claims all the rest of his free time for herself. You can often see them together searching for vintage collectables at local antique markets and furniture fairs.

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