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Green Thumb.


Web Design + Development

For more than a decade, hans kline has had the priveledge of designing and building multiple sites for GardenWise.  Each time improving on the previous version and we have taken advantage of the latest trends and technology available to us online.  The current design showcases the hand made feel of J. Mark White’s landscape design while highlighting the boutique service his customers have come to expect.  As always, his work is first and foremost the star of the design.


Graphic Design

Over the many years we have worked together, many custom graphic design opportunities have arisen.  Yearly, J. Mark White sends out a Holiday card and we do our best to out-do the previous year every time.  We have done everything from folded traditional Christmas cards to custom letterpress ornaments.

Search Engine Optimization

Gardenwise needed to increase their visibility online, especially in the DC area.  We rebuilt the site to take advantage of Google’s recommended best practices in order to improve GardenWise’s organic searches.


We have collaborated on the marketing for his Landscape Architecture firm online, through traditional media and through direct to customer collateral, including  multiple advertising campaigns throughout the years.
  • GardenWise Inc.
  • 1999 - 2013

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