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When Madonna sang “Living for Love” live at the 2015 Brit Awards, who knew the online hysteria her performance would create.


Many watched to mock a legend as she falls on her ass.
I watched a legend fall and then get right back up again.
That’s the lesson that is quintessentially Madonna.



Watching Madonna being yanked by the throat, lassoed by a stubborn cape that wouldn’t come undone, you are immediately aware of her size and relative fragility. Madonna, normally larger than life, is suddenly human after all. Luckily, Madonna is also wildly resilient and a goddamn shobiz pro: now we know just how seriously she believes the show must go on. I just hope she is resilient both physically and emotionally after the show,  because it won’t surprise her that ugly, mean-spirited things were said about her fall by naysayers, but I doubt she expected  many of them to be gay men.  Social media sites were flooded with surprisingly shitty, trite and frankly glee-filled posts about the “irrelevant old cunt” falling down the stairs.  Come on, do better than that…it’s not even clever and it makes you look like an asshole to laugh at a middle aged woman, clearly scared and confused as hell as the unthinkable happens to her live on stage… she was just trying to entertain you.  If she reminds you of your own shortcomings, too fucking bad: Madonna is a badass that can do 10 things in 3 minutes you will never achieve in your entire life.  Above all else,  Madonna has been a champion of gay causes her entire career so show some fucking respect, empathy and kindness to a fellow human-being.

Apparently, Madonna’s brand is stronger than ever since even those who claim to hate her, watch her every move, making her appearances the ratings highlight of every show she performs on, while topping the trending topics online at the same time.  So much for irrelevance.

I would like to thank  all you nameless faces for those words of discouragement, because Madonna couldn’t have succeeded so hard, for so fucking long, without your unwavering devotion to her determination.


So Madonna, I apologize for the manners of a few vocal a-holes who apparently haven’t made peace with the common fears of aging, success or  failure, and then acted beneath themselves by projecting their shit on you.  I’m sorry they called you an old bitch because that is just lazy writing and frankly you deserve more creativity, respect and admiration, instead of common ridicule, for being unafraid to dust yourself off and finish what you came to do: rule the world.


I solely used my iPhone 6+ to create the above video and accompanying graphics with the following apps : Phoster and PicFlow.

I used Shahaf Moran’s amazing remix of Madonna’s Living For Love in my video

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