“fails” actually save.

By Posted in - Social Media on July 17th, 2014


while july 4th is still on your mind….happy birthday america!!!!

celebrate with a patriotic and flawless pinterest recipe (this one was originally located here)…or better yet, just look at the subsequent fails on craftfail or  pinterestfail. this one made me bust out laughing and you totally feel for the HOURS someone must have spent (i am incapable of icing a cake without destroying it), so i appreciate just how worth it this is since it’s now famous and will make the world smile instead of just getting thrown in the trash…where you’ll end up eating it with a fork at 2am.


i didn’t want to give it away so be sure to click to see the actual cake as attempted by a fellow human.

the pinterestfail site, obviously dependent on the rampant love and growth of pinterest itself, has developed into a form of digital empathy. one of the best effects of the internet, in my opinion, is that connectivity of knowing that you are not alone, especially in your struggles. so now what used to be a lost saturday making some wrecked cake you were too embarrassed to serve, is now a beacon of empowerment, compassion and good hearted love for yourself as you admit defeat.  And the lovely surprise is the love shown to you from a complete stranger from the other side of the world, who found your lovely mess through the beautiful randomness of social media.

it’s the anti-selfie; healthy, anti-narcissistic, hilarious and promotes empathy.

as a final note, look up the zombie strawberry santas…that may still be my all time favorite.

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